Future letter

   Hi John, What’s up? It’s been years since the last time I saw you but everything felt like it was just yesterday. Your eyes, your smell, those beard. I can still remember every bit of you or somehow I can still remember every bit of the old you. I’ve missed you, us and the … More Future letter

Dear John

Dear John, It’s been months now since we’ve talked. I wonder how we go by day not having the conversation that we used to have for the past 3 years. It sucks to see you online in facebook and not hearing anything from you. I know I have lots of things to say but I’d … More Dear John

Tbwcb #3

‚Äč In a crowd full of people whose trying to be heartless, insensitive and cold. In a society brimful of madness, hatred and disgust.   In a world filled with sorrow, regrets and lust.  I still long for affection, deep connection and human interaction. And then I found you.

Tbwcb #2

“Am I a bad person?” “You’re good, J. You just have to find time to see the goodness in you.” “Thank you, K. You spark me!! :)”

We’re tormented because love goes on. Not because love goes away.